Double Fine Action Arcade Soundtrack Contains All Your Flash Favorites 29 Feb, 2012 / 0 comments

If you want your fill of Double Fine goodness with a classic gaming feel, but don't feel like waiting until Double Fine Adventure begins production, then this album (released last August) is for you!

The Double Fine Action Arcade Soundtrack is a collection of the music by Bert Chang and Razmig Mavlian from Double Fine's flash games Epic Saga: Extreme Fighting, My Game About Me: Olympic Challenge, Tasha's Game, and Host Master and the Conquest of Humor. But wait, there's more! It also contains several whole bonus tracks, including Bert Chang's rendition of Peter McConnell's Meat Circus theme from Psychonauts in 1990's soundcard style!

It's available from iTunes for the low, low price of USD$0.99 a track or for a mere USD$9.99 for the whole album! It's also available at eMusic for half the price of iTunes for those of you with eMusic subscriptions. Don't wait! Buy now!

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