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Wallace Unavailable

14 Feb, 2009, 11:43 | Posted by: The Tingler
The latest issue of PCZone magazine (out in the UK next Thursday for non-subscribers) has a short preview of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. Mostly it's just a collection of new screenshots, including a rather neat one of Gromit clearly showing off the thumbprints on his arm.

However, the bad news is the PCZone have confirmed that Peter Sallis will not be playing Wallace. However, his voice will instead be played by Aardman's official back-up actor for Sallis, "you know, the bloke who did his voice on that rubbish novelty alarm clock you got for Christmas".
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: AlfredJ | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 14:35
    Hmm, yeah, I wasn't really expecting Sallis to do the games. Like everyone said, he's quite old these days, and 5 (or whatever the number of episodes is going to be) episodes of voice-over work is, like, a lot. They did get the official back up-voice, which is rather cool, I didn't see that coming. I assume the back-up voice is going to take over from Sallis in the movies, whenever it would be necessary. So, yeah, they came as close to the 'official' Wallace-voice as possible, which is awesome.

    And now, let's see those screenshots!
  • Comment by: Capn_Nacho | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 16:35
    I agree completely-- especially about the screenshots. Get some ethically questionable scans up, posthaste!
  • Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 19:27
    Maybe you've seen them already, but usually whenever Telltale releases some new screens we add them to our galleries. Wallace and Gromit is the company's best-looking game yet. It actually makes me look forward to the next Sam & Max even more, what with all that environment detail.
  • Comment by: Gabez | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 19:45
    Yeah it's looking preety sweet. I love details like the thumb-mark on Grommit here, as if he were really made out of plasticine.
  • Comment by: Haggis | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 19:55
    Those CSI fingerprints sure come in handy! :D
  • Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 19:54
    Yeah I'm really impressed by the approximation of the clay look. Telltale makes its technical progress gradually, but they definitely make it. If you compare Out from Boneville to this it's pretty astonishing. (Nonetheless, they've never let lower-end specs or simplistic 3D get in the way of a pleasing style.)
  • Comment by: Metallus | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 21:16
    Man, Idle Thumbs had gallery technology? Amazing.
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 13:29
    Don't worry, I'm not suggesting this is going to ruin the games or anything - everything else I've heard and seen has me very, very excited indeed. It's just a shame, that's all.
  • Comment by: Thrik | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 13:05
    Hah, that's all right — presumably he's pretty good!

    It's not too surprising Sallis couldn't be had. I'd imagine he commands a pretty hefty budget for featured uses of his voice nowadays, which is presumably why even Aardman uses a sound-alike for minor projects.
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 13:09
    Oh yeah, money too!
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 14 Feb, 2009, 11:57
    I don't blame them. Peter Sallis would have been the cherry on top but he isn't exactly at the peak of his young manhood right now.

    But hey, the guy who did his voice on the "rubbish novelty alarm clock" was good!

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